Friday, August 7, 2015

August Secret Subject Swap

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap.

This week 16 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

Secret Subject Swap

My subject is “Tell me about your day, from the perspective of your child(ren).” It was submitted by

Here goes:

"MOOOOOMMMMMYYYYYYY!!! I HAVE TO GO POOOOTTTTTYYYYYY!!!!!!" How many times do I have to yell before she's going to come in and get me?

Finally! "Morning mommy."

"Morning sweetie. Did you have sweet dreams?"


"Do you have to go potty?"


Oh, geez...she really should brush her teeth before she comes in to get me.  I wonder what we're going to do today. Oh, looks like she's making coffee and packing daddy's lunch. He must be working today. I'm thirsty, is she ever going to give me my yogurt drink? 

Oooh, there it is. Mmmmm...ugh, my tummy hurts, I really should slow down when I'm drinking this stuff.

Bubby and Sissy must still be sleeping. Oh no, not oatmeal again for breakfast. Now where did she go? Oh, ironing daddy's shirt for him. He must be running late again. I'm going to see what's going on over at Jungle Junction. I love that show.

Everyone is awake now. Daddy has gone to work. Sounds like Bubby and Sissy are arguing. Oh no, mommy doesn't look happy. She's always yelling at them for arguing and tattling on each other.

Looks like it is time to get dressed. She knows I don't want the white shorts and blue and white shirt, I only want to wear my Sofia the First dress or my sparkly Hello Kitty tutu.

Now we're getting in the car. She's still yelling at Bubby and Sissy. They're arguing about who gets to sit in the front. We must be going to Publix. They always want to sit in the front when we go to the store because then they get to push the shopping cart.

Yes! I get a cookie...I want a sprinkle, chocolate, sprinkle...yikes, now mommy is grumbling at me for changing my mind all the time.

We're back from the store and I guess it is lunchtime now. Macaroni and cheese again? Mommy is making herself one of those green drinks in that really loud machine. Oh, now she's eating the rest of my mac and cheese that I didn't eat. I guess those drinks don't fill her up too much.

Nap time already? Time flies when you're...wait, how old am I again? Eh, never mind. 

I hear the dog barking, now I hear mommy yelling at her. Wow, I must have slept forever!! Oh, here comes Bubby. I wonder where mommy is...oh here she is!

She sure looks tired, and angry. But she always gives me the biggest, best hugs and kisses and tells me she loves me all the time. She says I'm her best girl. I am pretty great...

Mommy must have some stuff to do at her desk, she's given me a snack and put Elsa and Ana on the TV. She's always tapping on that black thing with the ABC's on it.

Now she's telling the kids to do their chores, and they have to read for 30 minutes when they're finished. They must not have been good at all today. That makes mommy so upset. Especially when she has to start cooking dinner and keeps getting interrupted.

Oh yay, daddy is home! Mommy looks happy. She gave him a big kiss. She sure does love him. Oh good, Bubby and Sissy are setting the dinner table. She's thanking them and hugging them and telling them she loves them too. She really does love them, even though she yells at them a lot.

Oooh, chicken, my favorite. 

Now it is bath time. Mommy really likes giving me a bath. I think it is ten minutes of quiet time she gets to look at her phone. She's laughing at something now. She loves to laugh.

I love it when mommy reads to me at bedtime. She lets me pick whatever book I want. When she's finished the story she snuggles me up to her and sings me a whole bunch of songs while she looks at me and gently strokes my cheek. She yawns a lot though. I bet she's going to get in bed now too because she's so tired.

She just gave me lots of kisses and put me in my bed.

"Sweet dweams mommy. I wuf you."

Oh no, I think I need to pee again.


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