Monday, September 15, 2014

Things That Make My 18-Month-Old Cry

Toddlers and babies are funny little creatures. The things that frighten them or frustrate them are almost beyond comprehension to us at times. Last night there was a cockroach in the hallway, lying on its back, legs akimbo, flailing around spastically. That child would not walk past it. Even after the hubs disposed of it, she was hesitant to walk down the hallway.

Something that has always fascinated me is what triggers a baby/toddler to cry. I wish I knew what was going on in their heads sometimes.

1) When I cut her toast in half.
At breakfast one morning I gave her half a piece of toast. She was having difficulty eating it so I cut it in half. Naturally this was cause for a meltdown in the middle of the restaurant - while taking bites of said toast.

2) When I sit down at the computer.
Because, it's a "puter"...

3) When someone knocks on the door.
Actually, this would make me cry too, if I didn't have a front-door-cam that I could check. I hate unannounced visitors. Unless it is you, Publisher's Clearinghouse. You are ALWAYS welcome.

4) When I tell her my coffee is hot.
One Saturday I sat on the couch with my coffee. She came up to me and said "Cobbee" to which I replied: "Yes, this is my coffee." She reached out to touch my mug and when I told her not to because it was hot, she started crying and saying "Cobbee....ha....cobbee...ha!"

5) When she wants to watch "Fia" (Sophia the First).

6) Then changes her mind to "Ha Da" ("Hot Dog" song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).

7) When she doesn't want to be in the car anymore.
We were about 30 minutes away from home, on our way back from an out-of-town trip. She started crying and asking for things. Every time we asked if that's what she wanted, she shook her head and cried more.

Baby: "Toy!"
Us: "You want your toys?"
Baby: "Nah uh! BA!"
Us: "You want to take a bath?"
Baby: "Nah uh! Dee-no!"
Us: "You want dinner?"
Baby: "Nah uh!"
Us: "OK, then!"

8) When I close my bedroom door. 
This one baffles me. Someone will leave my bedroom door open so I close it. She runs after me, starts crying as I shut the door, and then pounds on the door with both hands.

9) When I take her sippy-cup away.
She likes to bang the spout of her cup against her high-chair tray because she's figured out it splits the spout, meaning she can flood the tray with water and suck it up with her mouth. Of course, I take the cup away and ruin all the fun - and her life - at the same time.

10) When the hairy guy at Publix talks to her.
While in line at Publix, there was a scruffy, older gentleman in front of us. He smiled a kind, yet toothless, grin at the baby. She was already eyeing him but the site of his gummy mouth pushed her over the edge and she burst into tears.

There are so many more instances where the baby has cried for no apparent reason. What are some of the funniest reasons your child has cried?


  1. It's okay L, I don't like that hairy guy at Publix either. MUAH.

  2. Uh...those SAME things make my FOUR YEAR OLD cry. Lucky me! (and you)

  3. I work in health care and I'm always surprised by the baby/toddler that DOESN'T cry when I'm doing my thing. Of course, it's great and makes my life easier, but it sorta disturbs me, too.