Wednesday, May 7, 2014

School Supply Cake

With Teacher Appreciation Week upon us, I decided to make each of my kids' teachers a school supply cake. I made these last year and they were a hit! A few of you asked for pictures and instructions, so I decided to throw together this post showing how I made them.

You can make these as elaborate or simple as you choose by adding or removing items and you can gear them towards the grade that the teacher teaches.

Here's what I used (I made 2 cakes which is why there are double the items in the picture);

(1) paper towel roll
(5) spiral-bound notebooks
(5) bottles school glue
(12) glue sticks
(5) 24 pack crayons
(24) no 2 pencils
(1) 2 pack kids scissors
(2) 2 pack dry erase markers
(1) 2 pack mini-dry erasers
(2) rolls of tape
(1) pack index cards

*Note: The size of your cake and number of items needed will vary depending on the size of paper towel roll you use. The bigger the roll, the more items and larger your cake will be.

1) Start by wrapping the notebooks around the paper towel roll and secure with elastic bands.

2) Alternate glue-sticks and crayon boxes around the base of the paper towel roll 
and secure with more elastic bands.

3) Alternate glue bottles, markers, scissors etc, resting on top of the crayon boxes
and secure with elastic bands.

4) I hot-glued pencils around a toilet paper roll as a topper for the "cake".
Last year I glued a pencil holder to the top and filled with pencils.

5) Secure pencil holder to top with hot glue. Decorate with additional items, 
wrap ribbons around each "layer" and secure with hot glue.

6) Add bows, flowers or any other decorations you want and secure 
to a cardboard base covered with scrap-book paper with hot glue.

That's pretty much it. You can be as creative as you like and tailor it to the personality and likes of the teacher receiving it. Last year I included bottles of hand sanitizer, erasers and boxes of band-aids. 

Have fun with it and make sure you get a pic of your child with their teacher. I promise, they will love the gift. Teachers are often left to purchase their own supplies so something practical, and pretty, will be greatly appreciated!

What do you do for Teacher Appreciation Week?

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