Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sunday Confessions - Lessons


We made it through another week which means it is time once again for More Than Cheese and Beer's Sunday Confessions. This week's topic is "lessons". With kids in the house I am learning more and more each day that there is no such thing as "typical". No two days are the same. Even with the usual school schedules, extra curricular activities, dinner and bedtime routines, the spaces in between those are never the same.

This past week was particularly challenging for our household. It started on Tuesday when I discovered that my 7 and 8 year-old children had lice. Yep, those nasty little critters that lay eggs on one's hair and suck blood from one's scalp. I was disgusted with the idea that my children (and possibly me) had things living on them, hitching a ride and using them as a free meal ticket. I learned a lot more about those creatures than I ever cared to know while researching how to treat and prevent them. 

The most interesting thing I learned was that the original gold Listerine mouthwash was the most effective way of killing the little bastards (the lice, not my kids). The over-the-counter shampoo didn't kill anything so don't bother wasting your money or time on those. Drench the hair in Listerine, wrap it in plastic and leave it for at least an hour. When you rinse it out and comb through it every last sucker will be dead. Also, to help prevent them, use shampoo and conditioner with tee tree oil in it. They hate that stuff.

Me and the 8 year-old soaking our heads in Listerine.

My second lesson of the week was that even if one has a case on one's iPhone, it is possible to shatter it to smithereens. Last week my phone, which was case-less, flew out of my hand as I tried to pull it out of my purse and landed face-down on the kitchen tile. The screen shattered and I had to put clear packing tape over it to hold the shards of glass in place, but I was still able to use it. Thursday night the hubs replaced the screen - YAY! Friday I was letting the dogs out and it slipped out of my hand, with a case on, and landed face-down in a hole on of the pavers. This time I shattered it so badly I can't even use it. So the hubs has ordered yet another screen to fix it and has banned me from using my phone unless I am sitting down on big fluffy pillows!


Let's move on to the kids. One lesson that my fabulous children never seem to fully grasp, no matter how many times we go through it, is getting their shit together during the school-morning routine. They are nearing the end of 2nd and 3rd grade and they still don't realize that if they would just get up, get dressed, eat breakfast and brush their teeth before they do anything else, our mornings would be so much more peaceful. Instead, they're wrestling imaginary alligators, playing with the 13 month-old and singing to themselves in the bathroom mirror. All this is successful in doing is aggravating the hell out of me and causing an unnecessary rise in my blood pressure. Almost every morning I lose my shiz at one, or both of them. How many times do I have to tell them to put their effing shoes on before they figure it out and do it the first time?

Life is always throwing curve balls at us. From lice, to broken phones, to kids who won't listen. The old saying "you learn something new everyday if you pay attention" is so true. Sometimes you don't even have to pay that much attention, the lesson just jumps up and bites you on the ass (or the head).

What lessons did you learn today?


  1. OMG. Love the meme with the screaming lady. Put that on your FB page so I can share it. =)

  2. You're so hardcore. I think I'm going to keep reading about lice because it makes my skin freak out and I want to clean things

    1. LOL - hardcore, not sure about that, but yeah, talking about lice will definitely make your skin itch!

  3. Ahhhh my whole body is itchy from the lice talk !! And I just killed a spider who snuck into my bedroom so I'm now extra itchy/jumpy/creeped out by the crawlies!! Ha hope you don't have to learn that lesson twice !!