Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pet Tails Introduction

So I overheard my human talking about a blog link-up that someone called More Than Cheese and Beer is starting and it got my nose twitching a little.


My name is Bella. I am a 10 year old Golden Retriever. I have owned my humans since I was 10 weeks old. I started out at their mother's house where I lived a happy 6 years. When they started talking about getting a dog, it was suggested that I go to them as they have children who were all familiar with me and I am wonderful with them all.

My old family had to shave me when I was younger as I had terrible hot-spots that they said wouldn't get better unless they got rid of my fur. I hate going to the groomer to be shaved. It is so loud there. All the other dogs barking and dryers going off. But it sure feels wonderful when I get home. I swear I lose 10 lbs of fur each time!

I love playing with frisbees and barking at the neighbor's dog. I love to eat. I anxiously wait outside the dining room during every meal, spying for scraps that might hit the floor. The baby human is the best. She is always dropping things on the floor. But she eats a lot of veggies and I'm not crazy about those!

Here I am when I first came to live with my new family.

Here I am playing with the kids (obviously overdue for a shave).

For the first 3 years in my new home, I was the center of attention. Other than a few fish and a gerbil names Caramel (that's Ca-ra-mel...not Car-mle).

One day I heard my family's car out in the driveway and also a strange vehicle that I wasn't familiar with. I heard some talking through the front door as I waited, excitedly, wagging my tale and jumping up on my hind legs.

Then I hear it. An unfamiliar bark. What was it? Were they replacing me? This one sounded younger. Sounded hyper. I could hear my family coaxing this strange being to them and kept hearing words like "beautiful", "cute face", "so sweet".

I heard footsteps approaching outside and the key turning the lock. I ran out at the first glimpse of sunlight and there she was. She seemed to be a similar breed to me, but a little different.

Obviously I went up to her and sniffed her butt, because, well, that's what we do. We can't shake hands, after all. She seemed timid, afraid, confused. Then the human that was with her got in his truck and drove away.

"WAIT! You forgot your dog!!"

My humans called me to come inside as they led this stranger in the house with them.

 Here is Dixie the day she joined our lives.

 Here we are...I think we had just been wrestling.

This is us, still getting to know each other.

She was batshit-crazy. Hyper and jumping around. Apparently she is part Border Collie, part Golden Retriever. The next few months were a complete blur.

She didn't like to go outside for the first few days. She practically had to be dragged out there. I kept telling her that our humans would let us back in, that we were only out there to do our business and get some fresh air and exercise. It took about 3 days before she started to believe me. She told me her previous humans made her stay outside all the time.

From what I could gather, she was about 6 months old. She wasn't sure herself. She came to us with the name China. Our humans decided Dixie was better. She like it too. The boy human wanted to call her Stinky-Butt-Cheek. She said she liked that one as well. She just didn't want the name associated with the place she had come from.

After a few months of trying to get Dixie used to the basic commands, it was decided she should have formal training. We hired the same lovely man who had trained me all those years ago. The humans were expecting a baby a couple of months later, and we were all concerned that Dixie's hyper behavior would be a safety issue.

I tell you what, she is one smart puppy. She caught on to everything almost immediately. It came so easy to her. I have to admit I was a little jealous at how effortlessly she was able to pick up the new cues and commands.

With each week that went by, she seemed to be getting more and more calm. She is incredibly protective of our family. Any strange noise that she hears, she lets us know something isn't right. It annoys the mamma human sometimes, especially when she barks and wakes up the baby.

I wasn't sure about having someone to share the attention with at first. But now I couldn't imagine her not being here. I feel like a puppy again and I have lost weight from all the running around and wrestling we do together.

Dixie getting some attention from our daddy human.

She can be quite mischievous at times though. She likes to dig. The humans get very upset about that. When they let us back in and our paws are dirty, we have to stay in the office so we don't track mud through the house. Also, sometimes she chews on things. She says it is because she gets bored. She claims she is so highly intelligent that she needs constant stimulation. She always wants to play and wrestle. I don't mind sometimes, but I think she forgets she is about 8 1/2 years younger than me.

All in all, I like her, and I'm glad she is part of our family.


  1. What lovely faces! Love it! Thanks for showing up!

  2. There's a lesson to be learned from these two; that if you just give others a chance sometimes you can end up with a great friendship where you least expect it.

  3. You are so right, Karen! Thanks for reading!