Friday, January 31, 2014

Pit and Peak Week 2!

So, here we are, another week gone. Time to link up with Tales of a Twenty Something and share my pits and peaks for the week.



- I've been sick all week. What started out as a scratchy throat on Monday slowly developed throughout the week into some sinus, chest cough, migraine thing, just to be topped of last night with explosive diarrhea. FUN!

- As a result of the above pit, we were out of milk for 3 days. And sandwich meat. And bread. And snacks. And paper towels. And we got down to our last diaper.

- The 11-month-old has also been sick/teething. A carry over from last week. She developed a little cough too. More fun!

- The dog has decided to try and dig its way to China in our backyard. Little bitch. She's awfully cute, but don't be fooled. She is the devil in disguise.

- The 7-year-old got a bloody nose after being whacked in the face with a soccer ball.


- My Dad is here visiting. This is always nice as he lives about a 12 hour drive from us, so we don't get to see him as often as we would like.

- I was able to resolve a child support/custody issue with the ex that has been going on since May of 2012. HUGE WEIGHT LIFTED.

- The 7-year-old lost his tooth in the soccer ball incident of 2014. This is a good thing because he looked like a snaggle-toothed alligator and it was hard for him to eat.

- The 8-year-old lost her tooth. She was eating a graham cracker. This is also good because now I don't have to chew up her food and feed her like a baby bird anymore.

- Hubby got our taxes filed today. WE DIDN'T OWE ANYTHING! I am in shock. We were both laid off in March of last year and cashed out our salaried savings plans and 401K's to help us out with the loss of income. I figured the penalties/taxes we would be hit with would end up making us owe. Plus, I was claiming unemployment (until the emergency funding was cut off) and had to claim taxes from that.

- I found the perfect little First Birthday outfit for the baby's birthday next month.

That's pretty much it. I guess when you're sick and house-bound you don't open yourself up for too many exciting pits or peaks. 

How about you? What were the highs and lows of your week?


  1. I liked this! Of course I know you personally, so I feel like we're getting got up over a cup of coffee. ;)

    I want to know more about the custody thingy.

    1. We'll have to have a real catch-up session so I can fill you in. ;-)

  2. Yay for Dad visiting and I hope you feel better! Thanks for linking up with us

    1. Thanks Allie. I'm having fun doing these!