Thursday, January 30, 2014

Photo Link-Up

So I happened to stumble across Tales of a Twenty Something's A Photo an Hour post I thought "hey! what a great idea!"  I was only recently introduced to the idea of linking up with other bloggers. I just participated in my first link-up with Tales of a Twenty Something's Pit and Peak and had a lot of fun doing it. I also got involved with More Than Cheese and Beer's Sunday Confession. Last week's topic was reconciliation.

Upon reading a little more, I discovered that the hosts of the photo an hour post are Southern Mess and Meg on the Go. Going for it. Connecting with more bloggers - yay!

I'm a bit of a photo freak. I have over 400 photos on my personal Facebook page and literally thousands on my computer. I can't help it. They are mostly made up of various shots of my 5 kids and the places we go, crafts we do and food we eat. Yes, I'm one of those people. This should be a cake-walk for me.

So here goes my day in photos. I should disclose that I am sick as shit and battling a don't get too excited...

7:30 am:
Position the 11-month-old in front of Jake and the Neverland Pirates in hopes of a little peace and quiet for my migraine. I'm not a believer in the TV babysitter, but some days you gotta do what you gotta do to keep your sanity.

8:30 am:
Cut up toast for the 11-month-old's breakfast. 

9:30 am:
Check on my Silence of the Mom Facebook page. Because I'm a narcissist.

10:30 am:
Find the baby trying to make a phone call. She's very popular, even at 11 months.

11:30 am:
Catch the dog running away from the hole she is digging. Don't let her cuteness fool you. She's the devil in disguise.

12:30 pm:
Make a nutritious lunch. OK, so obviously not nutritious at all. But ZFG. (Zero F____ Given.) If there is one time I'm allowed to not eat healthy is when I don't feel well. I'm surprised I mustered up the energy to even do this.

1:30 pm:
Nap on the couch with the baby. Had to go into stealth mode to take this picture. I was not about to risk waking her up for it!

2:30 pm:
Pick up big kids from school....Yeah, I didn't expect that either.

3:30 pm:
Contemplate doing laundry...decide against it. All that bending down, getting back up, loading, unloading. Gives me a headache just thinking about it. Actually doing it surely isn't going to help my migraine.

4:30 pm:
Pick up shredded tissue off the floor. I still am not sure why this is so fun for babies. Maybe because they don't have to clean it up? Who knows.

5:30 pm:
Get a drink. I know, I know. Diet soda. Horrible for you. But I like this. I don't drink alcohol, or smoke cigarettes, or do drugs, so occasionally I have a diet soda.

6:30 pm:
Dinner for this because I can't deal with cooking tonight and two because it is a fundraiser for the school...hence the cow at the kids' school earlier.

7:30 pm:
One more diaper change and then I'm leaving the rest of it up to the hubby. This sickness, whatever t is, has gotten the better of me...time for the Imodium.

I lead such a glamorous life.

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