Saturday, December 14, 2013

We Totally Rocked The Morning Of The First Day Back To School

Ever have one of those perfect first-day-back-to-school mornings? You know, when you wake up and the kids are already dressed, got themselves breakfast, brushed their teeth, put their shoes on and have their backpacks waiting by the door?  When all you have to do is feed the baby, pour your coffee and walk out the door?

I DO!!

OK, maybe I had to wake them up, and maybe I had to gently "remind" them to put their shoes on and brush their teeth. But all-in-all, it was a very successful morning! I had visions of me screaming at them as they argued over who was going to brush their teeth first; throwing their shoes at them when they hadn't put them on after the tenth time of telling them; driving off without their lunches, or forgetting the baby and having to turn around to get them/her; getting out of the car to walk them in and realizing I was still in my pajamas...

For the last few weeks we have been getting things ready for going back to school. Shopping for supplies and clothes, haircuts, searching for the best new backpack. We started going to bed at the normal 8:30 time the week before school started so that the routine wouldn't be such a shock to the system come Sunday night. After putting them to bed last night (at 8:30 - score!), I sat there dreading the morning. Not because they were going back to school, but because I was convinced that it was going to be a nightmare getting them back into the groove.

During those lackadaisical summer days I completely forgot how much I loathe school-day mornings. One should not have to endure stress like that before they've even had chance to drink their first cup of coffee. No one should have to send their kids off to school after screaming at them for the previous hour, even if what they were berated for was not doing things that should come naturally, like putting on their shoes brushing their teeth. No longer would we have the liberty of eating breakfast at 10 am or sitting around in our pajamas all day watching movies or building forts.

The kids were so excited about going back to school, you would have thought last night was Christmas Eve! They were chattering away excitedly as though they were going to wake up with a huge pile pf presents under the tree. They both proclaimed that there was no way they were going to be able to sleep. The 8-year-old came out 15 minutes after going to bed to announce that she said she couldn't sleep because "all the school things kept going through her head". I went in to wake up the 6-year-old and much to my surprise he was already awake and greeted me with "FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL" as he hopped out of bed and started to get dressed. Well that was easy. Usually I have to employ the jaws of life to pry his limp, sleeping body out of bed.

I have mixed emotions about school starting again.

On one hand, I am ready! The kids were starting to get restless over the last few weeks. Usual stuff - arguing more than normal, moping around the house saying they were bored. I could tell that they were yearning to get back into the swing of things. I'm one of the lucky ones whose children actually enjoy school (for now anyway). They love to read and, as the 6 yo's teacher told me numerous times last year, have a thirst for knowledge. I'm also looking forward to actually being able to get some things done around the house! Between having the 6 month old and 6 and 8 year-old kids at home full time, and having hubby's 9-year-old twins with us for their first 6 weeks of summer vacation, I didn't have time for much of anything.

This was the first summer that I wasn't working full time. After having a baby in February and being laid off from my job in March, hubby and I decided that we would see how long we could make it work with me staying home. I, we, are firm believers that if one person is home and the other works full time, it is the primary responsibility of the person at home to keep on top of laundry, cleaning etc. Well, try keeping up on all of that with anywhere from 3 - 5 kids in the house at any given time who need feeding, changing, burping, entertaining, feeding again.

On the other hand, I am going to miss them. I'm going to miss the time I had with them that I felt I missed out on all those years of working full time during their summers. I'm going to miss hearing their giggles and listening to their intricate spy games as they tried to sneak around the house, avoiding the bad guys and keeping their baby sister and I safe. I'm going to miss those lazy days that we will now only have on the weekends. I'm going to miss the excuse I used to have for not getting the laundry, dishes and housework done!

So I suppose I had better get up and pull out the vacuum...but first I am going to bask in the glorious quiet, drink my coffee and watch the Today Show in peace, and revel in the fact that we totally rocked the morning of the first day back to school!

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