Saturday, December 14, 2013

We Certainly Won't Love Her Any Less If She Is

So I dressed the 5 month old yesterday and we set off for Publix. I had her dressed in a white and blue striped t-shirt but it had pink stitching and she was wearing hot pink shorts and a pink bib. The thought crossed my mind that she could be confused as being a boy, but surely all that pink would be a clear enough sign.

As we're walking into the store I am stopped by a woman, probably in her mid sixties, and the following conversation happens;

Lady: "My, what a handsome little guy you have there!"

Me (thinking she'll notice the pink stitching, hot pink shorts and pink bib); "Thank you."

Lady: "How old is he?"

Me (still thinking shell notice at any moment that she's talking about a girl): "5 months."

Lady: "5 MONTHS?!?! What are you feeding him?!"

Me (now getting irritated that she still doesn't see that "he" is a girl...and is she now implying that my baby is FAT?) "Oh, we just started her on solids a couple of weeks ago. Other than that, just nursing."

Lady: "And look at those big eyes and those little rosebud lips! You're going to be a lady killer when you grow up!"

Me: "Well, we certainly won't love HER any less if SHE is!"

Lady then mumbles something about how I'm doing a great job as she quickly turns and walks away.

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