Saturday, December 14, 2013

An Apology To My Babies

To My Babies,

I'm sorry for not playing Legos, Barbies, Pirates or babies with you because I had to do the laundry.
I'm sorry for not letting you push the shopping cart because you accidentally ran into the back of my legs.
I'm sorry for not going swimming with you because I didn't want to get my hair wet.
I'm sorry for not letting you have two pieces of gum because it is a waste of money.
I'm sorry for feeding you fast food because I was just to damn tired to cook.
I'm sorry for letting you down by not taking you to the Children's Museum because you made me mad.
I'm sorry for pushing you aside for your baby sister.
I'm sorry for not watching you during Tae Kwon Do class because I was playing on my phone.
I'm sorry for not letting you have dessert because you were talking and took too long to eat dinner.
I'm sorry for barking at you to get out of my face because I didn't know you were trying to give me a kiss.
I'm sorry for every way in which I've let you down, made you sad, embarrassed you, made you cry or hurt your feelings.
I promise to do better.
I promise to try to do better.
I love you.

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